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Challenge PoT

This is Challenge PoT RP. It’s a RP designed to further the aspects of regular lj-comm RP.


The Tenipuri cast, as well known, plays, lives and breathes tennis. Because of this their families decided that they needed a change of pace and surroundings. That’s were the challenge, a Japanese game show, came into play. The game show provides the boys with a very different lifestyle were they have to work to earn everything. Besides completing missions to acquire furniture and better living standards, they meet new people whom they can choose to befriend or make rivals with.

Read this for more info.


Since this RP demands active and innovative players there is of course provided a more throughout explanation of the missions that the boys will have to do. And how this RP-comm. Works.

Read this for more info.


Having a journal for your character is compulsory. You can either make one beforehand or make one after filling out the form and getting it Okayed. Once you want to start RPing in the journal you should make a introduction-post in it where you announce your arrival at the location (not all the players are aware of the game show quality fun they will endure, you decide what your character's initial reaction will be). All of this will not be done until the mods declare the challenge started. Characters who join the comm. later/after the first mission are welcome to just start writing.

Read this for more info.


There are two ways of going about this. Either you send a mail to Tifalna with the character you are applying, your nick, bio of character (description of personality, so that we can see how you will portray the character).
Make sure the character you want to apply is available. There is a list here.
Application should look something like this
Contact info (e.g. journal):
Small bio:

The mods will get back to you if your character was accepted and you will need to fill out a form that all the challenge participants get at the start of the game plus create a journal if you haven’t already. Or you can simply contact the mods on AIM, writing the same info as if applying per mail, and finally filling out the form.
If you chose the latter all Mod contact info is at the end of the info-page.

Read the form for more info.


Important to reflect on before joining:
1. We do not allow god-moding. We have three dungeon masters doing all the plotting, if you want a part in it or have some creative ideas; go ahead and share anything with the mods. But nothing goes into the comm. without first being cleared.

2. Respect is a keyword in this RP, if any problem arises amongs rpers take it outside of the comm. or talk to the mods about it. And treat each other fairly.

3. Keep the character you chose IC, that means in character.

4. Being active is a must, if you intend on joining this RP you will be expected to rp/update journal at least once every fortnight. The mods watch the comm. closely so make sure to inform everyone if you plan on leaving/hiatus for a while. This post goes into the ooc comm.: c_pot_outtakes. And having a pre/backdate for this occasion is very much appreciated (since you don’t really need to write anything plot-like in the journal this can just be your character ranting).

5. Anything else is dealt with at the Game rules; Read this for more info.

Anything else should be referred to this here post for clarification:

Read this for more info.


Mods and their contact info:
status in mod team | AIM | personal lj | Nick/alias in game
maintenance, renovating | tifalna | nekomiao | Tifalna
odds and ends, "penal-tea" | CheshireNoCandy | radicaldreamer | Cheshire
None yet? Factotum | iMohikari | chynoi | Hiku

Disclaimer: This RP group do not in any way claim ownership or rights to all/any product in relation to PoT/Prince of tennis/Tenisu no Oujisama/Tenipuri. They are all copyright Konomi Takeshi, TV Tokyo etc.
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