Mei (nekomiao) wrote in challenge_pot,

Admin Tifalna Mission #1: The Challenge

Characters Chosen:
All must participate in this one, it shall serve as the ranking mission.
GP are safe and are relieved from this mission.
(The next mission quest shall be one post from each mod, lets hope to get this up and running properly this time.)

Equipment Given:

A chirpy girl's voice rang out over the PA system early in the morning the next day, her voice waking up most of the boys unavoidably. It was 6 in the morning but it seemed Tifalna was accustomed to waking up early. "Ohaaaaaaaaaaayou gozaimasu minna! OGENKI?!" her soft laughter bubbled out over the PA system. "For your enjoyment at the beginning of your stay with us, we have decided that you should all have some fun. And it will be fun won't it? On the ground floor by the entrance we have installed three machines. One is a dance machine known as DDR, another is a dance machine known as ParaParaParadise and the third is a music playing machine known as Beatmania IIDX. Will everyone please venture out to play those machines at least once in the following weeks.  It'll be fun for everyone." She giggled once again. For a moment she wondered if she should tell the boys the ranking that they'll be put under after this mission but decided against it. Candy and Hiku probably wouldn't be too happy if she burst the bubble too quickly.

"There will be prizes awarded. Doesn't that make you boys oh so happy?"

Prizes Awarded:
-Rollerblades 1 pair
-teddy bear plush toy
-butterfly knife
-Class C ration X2
-Smash Hit 2 game disc.
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