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Prince of Tennis - The Challenge Gameshow's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Prince of Tennis - The Challenge Gameshow

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Admin Cheshire Announcement : Everyone. [25 Nov 2004|09:44pm]

[ mood | mischievous ]

Written on the Bulletin Board downstairs:


...nyahaha! Kiddin' ;3

Echizen Ryoma is relived from current Challenge. 'Cause he's locked into his room.

Meanwhile Post questions anonymously on this bulletin board, about Echizen-kun. Anything goes. But remember that knowing weaknesses are great in a challenge.

He has to answer everyone of them, if he doesn't want a punishment, and if there are less than SEVEN questions after a week -the rest of the challenge time- everyone participating in the actual challenge will get punished. Fufufu~ Pity! He'll get them to post in his journal when the time is up.


These question polls turn up from time to time, randomly, so be prepared.

--over and out // Cheshire Cat]

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Admin Tifalna Announcement: To all boys [21 Nov 2004|05:26pm]

Yanagisawa Shinya for not promptly responding to Candy's first challenge. There will be a punishment headed your way soon. Candy if you will please. If characters are inactive for too long, as this comm is new, I shall open up their position for other players.

You cannot lose your fridge or your laptop so I have negated them from the items list.

Character Stats:(in no particular order coz I'm lazy)
Yanagaisawa ShinyaCollapse )

Tezuka KunimitsuCollapse )

Echizen RyomaCollapse )

Akutsu JinCollapse )

Oishi SyuuichirouCollapse )

Inui SadaharuCollapse )

Kikumaru EijiCollapse )

Wakato HiroshiCollapse )

Kaidou KaoruCollapse )

Akutagawa JirouCollapse )

Momoshiro TakeshiCollapse )
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Admin Tifalna Mission #1: The Challenge [21 Nov 2004|05:11pm]

Characters Chosen:
All must participate in this one, it shall serve as the ranking mission.
GP are safe and are relieved from this mission.
(The next mission quest shall be one post from each mod, lets hope to get this up and running properly this time.)

Mission BriefingCollapse )
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The First Challenge - Will be posted in the next block. [21 Nov 2004|04:57pm]

OOC: Sorry it took me this long. I hope people are still checking here @.@ I was kicked into gear to do this seeing Candy's last post. Gah. I been so lazy. And am I the only person who can't get their flist to work? My Ryoma journal can't seem to...register a friend's list to view. >.> WHY?! Or issit coz all entries are too old to be seen on the flist? That can't be right >.> Anyway..onto it.


I know there's an OOC comm but...

GP...are allowed to be dismissed from the first challenge as I know what current situation they are in at the moment.
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The Challenge Gameshow, STARTED. [15 Oct 2004|02:10am]

[ mood | crazy ]

Subject : Admin Cheshire Announcement : Everyone in the building.
Our Challenge Gameshow is finally started and everyone must announce their arrival within two weeks. If there is someone not accommodating this rule, a punishment will be handed out.

Cheshire announcement~Collapse )

[ooc: Post a response ic, it will work as the first activity check.]

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Narration #2 - Admin [25 Aug 2004|06:44am]

The Admin moved forward and smiled at the boy. "Hi, I'm one of the administration people here. I hope you will enjoy your stay here at The Apartments. The newest japanese reality gameshow around. I'm sure you're parents are proud." The boy faltered a moment. Japanese Gameshow? How did that happen? He stood there, not sure what he should be doing or how he should be reacting. This couldn't be happening.

The girl continued to talk. "There are three lead admins here. We shall be making your stay here a pleasure indeed. You shall be calling us by our names if you need us. We'll be happy to help you. You can call any of us. There's Hiku, Tifalna and Cheshire." She tipped her head a moment, allowing the information to sink in before carrying on. That's strange, the boy wondered why the girl didn't tell him which of the three names she was. "Anyway, this form is for you to fill out, then I'll give you your room key."

The FormCollapse )

Upon handing the piece of paper back to the admin, she smiled brightly and continued to talk whilst handing him a key and a small envelope. "In the envelope you'll find the rules dealing with this game. Please read them carefully and keep an ear out for the messages we might be reading out over the PA system. Here's your key, the room number shall be printed on it, the rooms are over there up the staircase and enjoy your stay. Thank you."

With that the girl turned and rushed back into the luxury of her room.
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Narration #1 - Introduction to the Building (written in player view so all players can relate) [25 Aug 2004|06:27am]

The boy wandered into the apartment building, suitcase in hand. His parents had packed enough clothes for him to last quite a while and it was sort of strange they decided to send him away all of a sudden. Wondering what was going on, he moved up towards the admin table and rang the bell that was there.

A cute female voice could be heard calling out from one of the three doors situated behind the admin table. A moment later the door opened and a girl wandered out. (Please refer to next post for this conversation.)

After completing the form that he was handed and receving a piece of paper about rules and his door key, the boy peered around the ground floor of the apartment. Japanese Reality game show hey? Sneaky parents. Damn, how did he fall for that? Well there were stairs to his left but those were towards the rooms, he'll deal with those later.

He wandered over to the right and noticed there was a small cafe there. It was closed at the moment though. Doesn't matter. There was also a door there leading to the outside. That was also locked, maybe it'll get unlocked later. Peering through the glass a large field could be seen outside with grass covering it. All the grass was knee-length, which made the boy wonder just how shabby this place could actually be. There were many empty plots around the area too so maybe the building construction wasn't even completed yet.

He shook his head a moment before heading back to the admin table and picking up his bag.

There was no elevator. Damn that sucked.

After dragging his bag of clothes up the stairs, the boy wandered down the hallway. There was a chute for dirty clothes and a chute for rubbish to be thrown. He made a mental note. He continued until he found his room and pushed the door open. Reality game show. They weren't kidding. The room was plain white. Nothing but a sink, a bin, a laptop on top of a shabby looking old apple crate and a fridge. He was glad to note there was quite a lot of food in the fridge though. That made him breathe easy a little. And there were toiletries so it shouldn't be too bad. But there wasn't a bed. Where do you sleep without a bed?

He felt slightly uneasy as he went to attempt and settle down into his room.

(OOC note, there are stairs going up higher into the building but they do nothing but lead to another floor where more apartment rooms are. This'll be locked until there are enough players to create a second floor. The top floor of the building is the staff quarters and no players are permitted to be there unless otherwise specified.)
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Examples Postage [25 Aug 2004|06:10am]


What you are expected to do is to RP the mission as you think it should be executed. Once in a while your character is expected to fail miserably (e.g.: not meet the mission requirements at all since everyone has strong and weak points, some of these missions will hit your character right on the weak spot.)

You don’t have to RP with everybody on the missions. Your character will unavoidably end up at one time or another with people he doesn't know. This is a way of making everyone interact with each other and get to see how different characters will play the game.

The mission brief will contain (under lj-cut) a dungeon master style RP beginning; this just to get you started on the RP plus give you some details about the setting.

Subject: Admin Tifalna Mission #1: Shopping Market Lockup
Characters Chosen:
Mission BriefingCollapse )

In the comments section, before you RP, please state clearly what you have in your backpack. Character equipment will be recorded on the announcement stat-pages. So you can easily refer to it and won’t need to keep track of the characters items. This is maintained by nekomiao and shall be posted once per week for reference.

Subject: Admin Tifalna Announcement : to all boys remaining in the building.
The cafeteria is now serving alcohol for a period of one week. If you want some, you must go get some now. Each boy is limited to one bottle which may only be hoarded for a one month period.

(from there you can RP, post in your LJ about it..whatever you want..anything posted after a one week period from that announcement shall be commented on by an admin and disregarded. Time limits must be kept to keep this going properly.

And if we decide to do any other type of posting we will notified through the ooc comm. You guys should be able to grasp as we go along anyhow. Enjoy =)
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the Challenge PoT RP [24 Aug 2004|11:24pm]

[ mood | working ]

The rules for THE GAME

This is an RP created by chynoi, radicaldreamer and nekomiao.

It is going to be a gamestyle RP so please pay attention to the rules.
Breaking the rules or being inactive will provide you with a warning. After three times you will be put on probation.
Probation means that bad things may and will happen to your character. This just to get you back into the RP. If breaking of rules goes beyond that point you will expose yourself to banning. The mods reserve the rights to ban anyone at anytime if they see it fit.

It is important to understand that this is not a smut-heaven community. Smut is allowed if it stays in character and within reason. No drunk orgies on the apartments because you feel like it. There are plenty of communities, floating around, created for that sole purpose. This RP is a goal based one; all players should strive towards those goals. The RP was created with Dungeons and Dragons in mind, in the sense that the mods shall be playing dungeon masters. What the mods say in the story goes, pay attention and RP around it.

Game playCollapse )

RP/MissionCollapse )

Characters journal entriesCollapse )

itemsCollapse )

rules ~ fair playCollapse )

--over and out // Cheshire Cat

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Character List [23 Aug 2004|07:32pm]

If the word Pending is written beside the name it means someone I know has been meaning to apply or has applied but is waiting for the okay by all mods. You may still apply in hopes of obtaining that character it you desperately want them, you might beat the other applic or you might be approved over them or something. As long as your applic arrives to me before an LJ nick appears approved next to the name.

[Pending] = waiting for character submission. You may still
apply in hopes of obtaining that character.
[LJ name] = This is the character journal.

Character ListCollapse )

Please message me with the names of the people I'm missing

Credits to Candy =p
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