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The Challenge Gameshow, STARTED.

Subject : Admin Cheshire Announcement : Everyone in the building.
Our Challenge Gameshow is finally started and everyone must announce their arrival within two weeks. If there is someone not accommodating this rule, a punishment will be handed out.

The intercom, placed out on various locations throughout the apartments, flared to life and suddenly an overly hyper and feminine voice was heard.

"Nya~ha~ha! Hello everyone~ I hope you're enjoying your stay, looked around and not run away." After a fit of giggles the voice continued in a more serious manner. "As most of you figured out already, this is a gameshow. Here you will be requested to finish challenges on a monthly basis... they will be challenging!!" She held her breath temporarily to draw out on the 'suspense',

"If there are any questions make sure to come down to the reception. We expect all the participants to look through their rooms, and later make an announcement of their arrival on the personal journals... OR FACE~ Exciting consequences... Nyahaha~

Cheshire over and out"

There was an eerie silence as the intercom link was shut off.

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