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Narration #1 - Introduction to the Building (written in player view so all players can relate)

The boy wandered into the apartment building, suitcase in hand. His parents had packed enough clothes for him to last quite a while and it was sort of strange they decided to send him away all of a sudden. Wondering what was going on, he moved up towards the admin table and rang the bell that was there.

A cute female voice could be heard calling out from one of the three doors situated behind the admin table. A moment later the door opened and a girl wandered out. (Please refer to next post for this conversation.)

After completing the form that he was handed and receving a piece of paper about rules and his door key, the boy peered around the ground floor of the apartment. Japanese Reality game show hey? Sneaky parents. Damn, how did he fall for that? Well there were stairs to his left but those were towards the rooms, he'll deal with those later.

He wandered over to the right and noticed there was a small cafe there. It was closed at the moment though. Doesn't matter. There was also a door there leading to the outside. That was also locked, maybe it'll get unlocked later. Peering through the glass a large field could be seen outside with grass covering it. All the grass was knee-length, which made the boy wonder just how shabby this place could actually be. There were many empty plots around the area too so maybe the building construction wasn't even completed yet.

He shook his head a moment before heading back to the admin table and picking up his bag.

There was no elevator. Damn that sucked.

After dragging his bag of clothes up the stairs, the boy wandered down the hallway. There was a chute for dirty clothes and a chute for rubbish to be thrown. He made a mental note. He continued until he found his room and pushed the door open. Reality game show. They weren't kidding. The room was plain white. Nothing but a sink, a bin, a laptop on top of a shabby looking old apple crate and a fridge. He was glad to note there was quite a lot of food in the fridge though. That made him breathe easy a little. And there were toiletries so it shouldn't be too bad. But there wasn't a bed. Where do you sleep without a bed?

He felt slightly uneasy as he went to attempt and settle down into his room.

(OOC note, there are stairs going up higher into the building but they do nothing but lead to another floor where more apartment rooms are. This'll be locked until there are enough players to create a second floor. The top floor of the building is the staff quarters and no players are permitted to be there unless otherwise specified.)
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