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What you are expected to do is to RP the mission as you think it should be executed. Once in a while your character is expected to fail miserably (e.g.: not meet the mission requirements at all since everyone has strong and weak points, some of these missions will hit your character right on the weak spot.)

You don’t have to RP with everybody on the missions. Your character will unavoidably end up at one time or another with people he doesn't know. This is a way of making everyone interact with each other and get to see how different characters will play the game.

The mission brief will contain (under lj-cut) a dungeon master style RP beginning; this just to get you started on the RP plus give you some details about the setting.

Subject: Admin Tifalna Mission #1: Shopping Market Lockup
Characters Chosen:

Equipment Given:
2 Grapplehooks
1 Ball of yarn
10 spoons

The boys are taken into a small shopping store and locked into the shop itself. There is minimal lighting, just enough for the boys to see. All the windows and doors are locked. They are given 24 hours to escape and return to the bus which is parked outside.

Mission Opening:
(this is where the admin's will post an introduction, describing layout of the place, what it’s like for ht eboys, their starting point etc. Sort of like introducing the RP. From here the players have 2 weeks to RP it. They can RP with everyone, RP with just one other person whatever. If you wanna do this RP more than once go right ahead as long as the stories link somehow and it doesn’t clash badly.)

In the comments section, before you RP, please state clearly what you have in your backpack. Character equipment will be recorded on the announcement stat-pages. So you can easily refer to it and won’t need to keep track of the characters items. This is maintained by nekomiao and shall be posted once per week for reference.

Subject: Admin Tifalna Announcement : to all boys remaining in the building.
The cafeteria is now serving alcohol for a period of one week. If you want some, you must go get some now. Each boy is limited to one bottle which may only be hoarded for a one month period.

(from there you can RP, post in your LJ about it..whatever you want..anything posted after a one week period from that announcement shall be commented on by an admin and disregarded. Time limits must be kept to keep this going properly.

And if we decide to do any other type of posting we will notified through the ooc comm. You guys should be able to grasp as we go along anyhow. Enjoy =)
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