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the Challenge PoT RP

The rules for THE GAME

This is an RP created by chynoi, radicaldreamer and nekomiao.

It is going to be a gamestyle RP so please pay attention to the rules.
Breaking the rules or being inactive will provide you with a warning. After three times you will be put on probation.
Probation means that bad things may and will happen to your character. This just to get you back into the RP. If breaking of rules goes beyond that point you will expose yourself to banning. The mods reserve the rights to ban anyone at anytime if they see it fit.

It is important to understand that this is not a smut-heaven community. Smut is allowed if it stays in character and within reason. No drunk orgies on the apartments because you feel like it. There are plenty of communities, floating around, created for that sole purpose. This RP is a goal based one; all players should strive towards those goals. The RP was created with Dungeons and Dragons in mind, in the sense that the mods shall be playing dungeon masters. What the mods say in the story goes, pay attention and RP around it.

Overview – The boys play tennis, day in and day out. Tennis... tennis tennis. To put a bit of variation into their lives, the boys families decide to enter them into a Japanese reality game show. The boys are all dobbed in unsuspectingly and they get sent to an apartment building where the game begins.

Each boy has his own room and door key. Inside, the rooms are all white with nothing except a sink, some toiletries (soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, toilet paper, etc that gets refilled whenever needed.), a laptop and a fridge. The fridge contains enough rations to last 42 days. Nothing else. No bed, no television, nothing.
Everything else has to be earned.

During their stay in the apartment the boys are allowed to wander around. Do whatever they want. Make friends, make rivals, allies for the game or betray people. Con people, beg for food, beg for toys, gamble. Whatever. But whenever the commentator announces their mission and the list of boys for each mission, they must comply or punishments will be dealt out. Also, if they attempt the mission and fail, a punishment shall befall them.

[Meaning if you do the RP/mission and your character failed it -- you will have to fail sometimes -- you'll get a fun punishment. If you don't do the RP at all we'll put something harsh on you.]

Each mission brings different rewards for the people participating, these can be for personal use, bargaining or blackmailing. Sometimes the commentators (read: mods) will award outstanding effort or a choice of rewards for the participants. Other people cannot complete missions for you. They must be done yourself.

[The only exception is if you are away and someone godmod your character, with your permission. All of this should be cleared with the mods prior to the actual rp. Posts about this should be made in occ comm.: c_pot_outtakes]

The characters that aren't sent on a mission (not every fortnight will supply your character with a mission) are given the option to vote on certain issues. Such as whether or not a certain character should lose an item, whether or not one of the mission boys should have their room sabotaged.

[All in the name of good fun of course. It will help keeping the RP alive. And also keeps the game fair; e.g.: if one person has been scoring perfect rewards for a long time the other boys can notify the mod and they can arrange something horrific to happen.]

Mission overview – Before every mission log, there will be a brief on the mission (example here), if you intend to bring a backpack make sure to comment this entry with what it contains. This saves against people arguing later about cheating and having "imaginary" items they wouldn't have thought of bringing before the mission. Even though the boys are working as a team in each mission, they will be rewarded according to the result of what they achieved as individuals.

Admin help – The characters are allowed to ask the admins at the admin desk (read: when mods are online) for help regarding their missions or anything about their stay. They are generally always happy to assist the character. However, their reactions will differ (all by chance). Sometimes they will help freely, sometimes they will openly ask for something in return and other times bad things may befall the character.

At least once a week the player must log in their computer what it is like to stay at the place. (Hungry, tired whatever.) It can be as long or as short as you want, the only demand is that you write something. The journals are linked on an intranet that is updated regularly by staff to be posted on the net. Thus the players can comment on each other's journals and have a database that shows everybody participating, with who has what journal. But they have no access to the net itself.
Important note:
* Surveys and such are stupid and don't make sense in this RP, please don't try.
* Strikethroughs/strikeouts are permitted but will not be handled as deleted comments in the journal, since it's not realistic. Though these are not encouraged.
* Always write IC in the characters journal, as much as possible. Anything ooc goes into the ooc comm.: c_pot_outtakes

Regarding items – the things won in the game are all perishable. Meaning if you win a pocketknife, after a certain amount of uses the mod will announce that it's broken. It is assumed that the boys will eat one ration a day as each ration is enough to provide for three meals. If your boy gets desperate and begins spreading rations out to cover more than one day (maximum three days) log an entry that clearly states such. This will allow nekomiao to change the stats accordingly. Note that your boy should be weak and hungry if he does so.

Rations – There are three types of rations. Rations can be shared between teammates. But each person has to eat one box during the process; meaning if you share with two people that ration is gone and if you share with one other person the ration is good for one more meal. Once again, in these cases please make it clear that you share meals so nekomiao can update the stats page.
Class C
The first rations you get in your fridge are class C rations. They are poor rations, which is basically three boxes of rice, with a little bit of stir-fry meat and vegetables wrapped up together with a cloth. (Just imagine food never goes off in this universe.)

Class B
These rations include rice, a proper serve of meat and proper serve of vegetables. This can be won as reward or class C rations might sometimes be traded in for these. And like above; three boxes wrapped up in a cloth.

Class A
The, hard to obtain, rations are very high standard. The way these can be obtained shall be randomly decided by the mods. Class A rations include a box of rice with seasoning, some miso soup and two rolls of sushi with soy. And again, three boxes wrapped up which makes for three meals.

Stats list – A chart shall be created for each character detailing what they have, amount of food and items in their room. At the beginning of the mission the boys can take whatever they desire with them. As long as it fits into the size of a school backpack. Rations don't count towards storage space.

Okay, this game sounds complicated you say. But once you get into it you'll find it is pretty easy to follow. The only complicated parts are the parts that the mods (specifically nekomiao <3) will be dealing with.
1. The mods shall participate as characters. There will be three missions each fortnight (one from each mod) thus the mods character is not allowed to participate in their own mission. Rewards are not revealed (not even in-between mods) until after the fortnight, when the mission is complete. After each mission the mods will meet, discuss and post results.

2. When your character is called for a mission you must complete it or befall the harsh consequences. If you fail to attempt 3 missions you will be put under probation.

3. In each mission you may RP with at least on of the other players, or as many as you desire. As long as your character has a result posted within the fortnight. RP as much or as little as you want in the community, but make sure that the missions are complete. Hence, if your name isn't listed for any of the missions that fortnight, you don't have to RP that fortnight for anything. If you RP outside of mission and items are traded or bet, make sure these are marked accordingly, clearly, please.

4. Please play fairly. Your character isn't superman. He will get hurt. Or someone may sabotage for him in some way, some characters may even go out of their way to injure others. Anything goes as long as the mission objective is attempted.

5. OBEY TEH MODS! Or you shall be hurt... badly.

--over and out // Cheshire Cat
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